Ecoscapes Environmental Landscaping
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Ecoscapes Environmental Landscaping was started in 1999 by Chris McCutcheon. Chris is a graduate of Prescott College Arizona, a leading college in the international field of Environmental Studies. Chris has a Bachelors degree in Field Ecology, with a focus on Restoration Ecology. The son of a florist and a nurseryman, Mr. McCutcheon has grown up with a strong connection to botany, ecology, and landscaping. With a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired from working and studying across this wonderfully diverse continent, Chris has developed a strong familiarity with native plants as well as non-native or invasive plants, and their roles within ecosystems. Striving to understand and develop organic approaches to control invasive species is a deep passion of his. Focusing on organic low-impact custom residential landscaping, Chris has created methods for responsibly enhancing and restoring residential environments and ecosystems.

Chris McCutcheon was raised and schooled in Waterford Connecticut. After working and studying in California, Arizona, and Mexico, Chris has returned to Waterford to serve his hometown and share with its community. Ecoscapes Environmental Landscaping was one of the very first ecology based residential landscape companies to sprout up in the area. Chris currently resides in Waterford and is also an active member of the new Waterford Farmers' Market community.

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