Ecoscapes Environmental Landscaping
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For the Eco-conscious or Chemically Sensitive Home-owner

Our Services Include:

Organic Lawn Care and Installation
Got kids or pets? Go organic, invest in the long-term safety and integrity of your lawn, not in its dependence on harmful chemicals. Let us enhance the microbes within your soil's ecology and keep the mystery chemicals from entering your home or accumulating in our waterways. Organic lawn fertilizers, native grass seed blends, and organic weed controls (like simple corn gluten) are proven to work. Organic methods are effective and are a responsible way to deal with lawn improvement, while being extra safe as well.

Theme Gardens, Flower Beds,  Privacy Plantings
We install custom gardens to meet the practical requirements of your property and its surrounding ecosystems. Low maintenance, deer resistant, bird and butterfly attracting gardens, native plants, edible or medicinal plant gardens, rock gardens, water gardens, shade gardens, color gardens, and fragrance gardens...these are just some of the theme gardens we have experience in creating.

Trimming and Pruning
We professionally trim, shape, and train all of your plantings to maximize health and ensure their place in your future landscape.

Hardscape or Softscape
From light feathery ferns to heavy sculptures or statuary, we install it. Plantings or stone walls we do it all. 

With an experienced mason knowledgeable of both old school methods as well as new tricks of the trade, we should be able to complete most any project you may require. We do a great deal of repairs as well as installations. We construct wet or dry stone walls, retaining walls, steps, walkways, driveways, patios, etc. We use stone, timber, brick, cement, cobbles, bluestone, slate, flagstone, pavers, and a variety of other materials. 

Water Gardens, Irrigation, and Water Conservation

We install and maintain custom drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems, xeriscapes, watergardens, and raingardens. Ponds as well as other water features can really enhance the aesthetic experience within a landscape, and increase its wildlife diversity. We also offer water conserving designs and plans.

Modern materials like Typar weed block fabric, PVC products, and Trex recycled decking for example, may not be organic but certainly have their niche when it comes to landscape problem solving and sustainable developement. We try and keep up to date on new materials and their proper applications.

Individual Plant Care
Have a favorite or sentimental tree or plant you would hate to lose, we can assess an individual's health and vigor, then come up with a comprehensive treatment plan if something is wrong. Consider us your own naturopathic plant doctor.
Erosion control and Drainage Issues
Sedimentation of wetlands is a serious environmental concern, and maintaining healthy wetlands starts with the home-owner. Decrease surface runoff and the problematic erosion of your property into watercourses by properly controlling drainage. We are familiar with new materials and methods for the control of many erosion problems. French drains, curtain drains, dry wells, perforated/corrugated pipes, weep holes, filter fabrics, etc., we can find a solution.

Wetlands and Buffer zones
Wetland disturbance can be a very sensitive issue when dealing with state or town officials, neighbors, or home-owners associations etc. Home-owners and developers almost always need permits before attempting any activities within these designated areas. Permits require applications before land use commissions and are very important to have. Wetlands, rights of way, buffer zones, or encroachments, can be ecologically sensitive areas within ecosystems. The permit process, and other precautions really do help preserve watersheds and wildlife corridors as well as basic wetland integrity. Updated property maps and soil type maps are crucial tools to have during the permitting process and can usually be found at your town hall or Let us help you properly design your buffer zone.

Fertilizing, Mulching, and Composting
We use only organic fertilizers, mulches, manures, and composts. In an attempt to lower our carbon footprint, we offer locally made mulches and hay. This permaculture style practice conserves fuel and also decreases the geographic spread of invasive plants, insects, and pathogens (dutch elm disease, asian long horned beetle, or hemlock wooly adelgid as examples). Want to design a biodynamic plan that will turn your yard into a self-sustaining system, a living organism?

Integrated Pest Management
By using natural processes, specific organisms, and common sense, we can combat problematic organisms found in your yard. Often times, these pathogens can be dealt with by their natural enemies without the need for chemical intervention. We have organic methods for the control of common garden pests that lead to achieving beautiful results with long-term integrity while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Ecoscapes is Locally Connected
Within our inner circle of collegues, we are connected to wholesale nurseries, arborists, home improvement contractors, etc. We have close friends and resources like botanists, ecologists, conservation biologists, ornithologists, entymologists, environmental planners, and so on. We can find answers!

Free Consultations and Estimates
Let Ecoscapes take a look at your property and offer you organic alternatives to obvious or potential problems we may notice. Be it masonry, lawn/garden, or erosion-related issues etc., we would be glad to meet with you and discuss solutions, designs, and costs. Give us a call, if you are in or around Waterford, it's all free!

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